This workshop aims at providing a forum for scientific debate, sharing experiences, and presenting research results on the field of multimedia content generation, processing, coding and transmission, as a way to encourage the cooperation among different research groups. This workshop is part of the activities organized by the “Red Temática en Codificación y Transmisión de Contenidos Multimedia (RTCTCM)” of the Spanish “Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología (TIN2009-05737-E)”.



  • Multimedia Signal Processing and Coding:
    • Image and Video Coding
    • Speech, Audio and Music Coding
    • Multidimensional Signal Coding
    • MPEG Standards and Related Issues
    • JPEG Standards and Related Issues
    • Image and Video Processing
    • Speech, Audio and Music Processing
    • Multidimensional Signal Processing
    • Biometrics and Pattern Recognition
    • Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
    • Perceptual/Human Audiovisual System Modelling
    • Education in Signal Processing


  • Multimedia Communications:
    • Multimedia delivery over wired and wireless networks
    • Multimedia communication over ad-hoc/mesh/sensor networks
    • Multimedia streaming and multimedia delivery systems
    • Multimedia multicast and IPTV
    • Error Control and Concealment
    • Quality of service (QoS) in multimedia communication
    • Quality of Experience (QoE) for End-to-End Communications
    • RF and Microwave Communications Multimedia Security


  • Multimedia Systems and Applications:
    • Multimedia applications and services including VoIP, IPTV, gaming Interactive Digital Television
    • Audio and Video Quality Assessment
    • Multimedia content adaptation
    • Multimedia summarization
    • Distributed Multimedia Systems
    • Multimedia Databases, Indexing, Recognition and Retrieval
    • Multimedia Watermarking
    • e-Learning, e-Commerce and e-Society Applications
    • Design and Implementation of Signal Processing Systems
    • Multimedia Supported Collaboration and Conferencing Tools
    • Semantic Analysis of Multimedia Data
    • Charging, pricing, business models


Important dates:

Submission of papers: May 7th
Notification of acceptance: May 24th
Submission of camera-ready papers: May 30th


President of the program committee:

Adriana Dapena, Universidade da Coruña


Program Committee:

  • Ian Blanes, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Carlos Calafate, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Paula Castro Castro, Universidade da Coruña
  • Fernando Díaz de María, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
  • Juan Pablo García Ortíz, Universidad de Almería
  • Vicente González Ruiz, Universidad de Almería
  • Nicolás Guil Mata, Universidad de Málaga
  • Daniel Iglesia Iglesias, Universidade da Coruña
  • Otoniel López Granado, Universidad Miguel Hernández
  • Eduardo Martínez Graciá, Universidad de Murcia
  • Jose Luis Martinez Martinez, Universidad de Castilla la Mancha
  • Miguel Martínez Rach, Universidad Miguel Hernández
  • José M. Martínez Sánchez, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid
  • Javier Mateos Delgado, Universidad de Granada
  • David Megías, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya
  • José Oliver, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Pablo Piñol Peral, Universidad Miguel Hernández
  • Julián Ramos Cózar, Universidad de Málaga
  • Philippe Salembier, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
  • Joan Serra-Sagristà, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • Miguel Vega López, Universidad de Granada


President of the organizing committee:

José Oliver, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


Organizing Committee:

  • Carlos Calafate, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Miguel González López, Universidade da Coruña
  • Johann Marquez Barja, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia
  • Álvaro Torres Cortes, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia


Regular paper length: 6 pages (in english)


Regular paper format: the official format from the CEDI website